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With a hands-on, fiercely independent approach, we welcome others who share our vision.

Launched in 2004 by producer/director Rick Rosenthal to produce MEAN CREEK, Whitewater Films is dedicated to helping emerging directors find their voices, while also assisting established filmmakers in getting their passion projects off the ground.

A combination of enthusiasm and experience enables Whitewater Films to produce movies that have as their signature a powerful script, riveting performances from strong ensemble casts, an attention to detail not commonly found in smaller films and a visual look that belies the films’ budgets.While recognizing that the movie business is a business, the philosophy of the company is that a work of art and a work of commerce can be combined in the same project without sacrificing objectives on either side of the aisle.

We believe that tempering projects of passion with over 25 years of production experience creates a business model that is very attractive in today’s marketplace of mega-budget movies.

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